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Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

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29 August, 2011

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Xbox Live Indie Games
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Speedrunner HD is DoubleDutch Games’ first game, first released as a free browser game and later on Xbox Live Indie Games. Now, the game will be ported to PC where it will be released on Steam.


Free browser game

Speedrunner was first developed as a free browser game, made with Adobe Flash. The game was sponsored by MaxGames.com and has since release been played by over 7 million players from around the world. Optimistic by this success, Casper and Gert-Jan decided to port the game to XNA, so it could be released on Xbox Live Indie Games.


While the flash game was doing well on the internet, the console version of the game (now called Speedrunner HD) was released in August 2011 as part of the Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising. For this version, the team focused on adding an exciting local multiplayer mode in which the goal was for players to outrun their opponents. In the end, this HD version included higher resolution graphics, more levels and a four-player multiplayer mode. The team also submitted the game to Microsoft’s Dream.Build.Play competition, where it reached the semi-finals. Upon release, the game quickly received high review scores from the press, who praised the new multiplayer mode. However, sales turned out to be a bit disappointing, which is a familiar complaint among Xbox Live Indie Games developers. Perhaps the relatively high price point ($3) and short singleplayer campaign were to blame. Casper and Gert-Jan still kept their hopes high, though, as they received an email from Valve, who saw the trailer online, saying they were interested in bringing the game to Steam.


Currently, the team is working on bringing Speedrunner HD to Steam, focusing on converting the local multiplayer mode into a fun online multiplayer spectacle, complete with leagues, ranking and matchmaking. Taking feedback from players and critics to heart, the game will also pack a lot more content with more levels and a hardcore mode for all those advanced speedrunners out there.


  • Fast-paced 2D platforming
  • Tight controls over grappling hook, walljumps, weapons and more
  • Exhilarating multiplayer battles, made even more intense when Sudden Death is activated
  • Advanced online leaderboards, showing who is the best Speedrunner in the world


Launch Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Flash Version Trailer YouTube



Awards & Recognition

    • "Indie Game Magazine: Best XBLIG of 2011" 20 January, 2012
    • "Semi-finalist Dream.Build.Play 2011"
    • "Part of the Indie Game Summer Uprising 2011"
    • "Part of the INDIGO Showcase 2011"

    Selected Articles

      • "Fun times, I guarantee you that"
        - Nick Partyka, Kotaku
      • "SpeedRunner by itself is definitely worth at least one of your lunch breaks – and I’m already excited to see what shape its successor takes"
        - Chris Donlan, Edge Magazine
      • "Currently one of my favourite Xbox Live Indie Games - I was playing with friends for hours last night"
        - Michael Rose, Indiegames.com
      • "The game is a lot of fun, you should totally check it out"
        - Maxwell McBargains, Gamespot

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      About DoubleDutch Games

      DoubleDutch Games is a small Dutch indie game development team, consisting of Casper van Est and Gert-Jan Stolk. Since neither of them has any skills, they often work with other people to make their games.

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      Speedrunner HD Credits

      Casper van Est
      Game Designer, DoubleDutch Games

      Gert-Jan Stolk
      Programmer, DoubleDutch Games

      Gerrit Willemse
      Artist, Freelancer

      Jonathan van der Wijngaarden
      Music and Audio, Freelancer

      Frank Post
      Animation, Freelancer

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